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Ducts Need Cleaning? Look for an Expert Atlanta Duct Cleaning Provider

Residential duct cleaning generally refers to the thorough cleaning of heating and cooling system components such as the supply and return air ducts and registers, heating and cooling coils, fan motors, air handling unit housing and more. If you haven’t been keeping up adequate preventative maintenance, these components may have become contaminated by dust, pollen and other debris. When that happens you need the professional assistance of a metro Atlanta duct cleaning provider.

The numerous benefits of professional duct cleaning include:

  • Health: removes dust, mold spores, mildew and allergenic properties from your system
  • Housekeeping: significantly reduces the amount of dust that can accumulate on your furniture and draperies
  • Energy efficiency: reduces your heating and cooling bills by removing obstructions to air flow

Professional duct cleaning allows you and your family to breathe easier knowing you’ve taken proper precautions to maintain your systems appropriately. Keep in mind that as with anything, all duct cleaning companies are not created equally. To get started find a reliable professional Atlanta duct cleaning company today.

Houndstooth: Offering Professional Metro Atlanta Duct Cleaning

Houndstooth is a professional duct cleaning and carpet cleaning provider. Since we started in business 32 years ago, we have provided professional services to thousands of Atlanta homeowners all across the city. Rest assured knowing that we are a Better Business Bureau rated organization. We strive to provide the best services possible for every single client.

Thorough Duct Cleaning Service for Atlanta Homeowners

Our duct cleaning process is very thorough. First, our certified technicians begin the process by removing all of the covers from all of the vents as well as the returns, and cleaning them individually. Mechanical brushes initially loosen the contaminants that accumulate most heavily at the opening of the vents. Extraction hoses are then inserted through all vents and returns in order to remove debris from the system. The contaminants are then carried outside your home and deposited into our recovery system.

Have we mentioned that we offer dryer vent cleaning? Clogged dryer vents are a common cause of home fires.

Learn more about our metro Atlanta duct cleaning specials by calling our representatives at 770-326-6244 or by making your Atlanta duct cleaning appointment online.

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