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Atlanta Upholstery Cleaning: How to Find the Best Provider

Just about anything on the interior or exterior of your house—carpets, floors and walls—requires some type of regular maintenance. Your upholstery is no different.

The many benefits of professional upholstery cleaning include:

  • Preserving the lifespan of your furniture
  • Removing allergens, dust, dirt particles and fungal growth 
  • Eliminating foul smells
  • Restoring the attractive look and feel of your furniture and its fabric

Whether you require cleaning for your couches, chairs, window treatments, mattresses or other upholstery fabric, look for an Atlanta upholstery cleaning provider who will guarantee your satisfaction.

Houndstooth: Providing Superior Atlanta Upholstery Cleaning

Houndstooth has provided superior upholstery cleaning, steam cleaning and carpet cleaning services to Atlanta homeowners for over 30 years. We strive to always deliver high-quality services and achieve 100% client satisfaction.  

We at Houndstooth believe proper maintenance of upholstered furniture is essential to protecting your investment and maintaining its appearance. Whether you choose a water-based cleaning, dry cleaning or foam cleaning, our experienced technicians will determine the cleaning method that provides the best and safest results for your upholstered furniture. You can trust Houndstooth with your fine fabric, leather, and everyday furniture cleaning and maintenance needs.

We offer the following cleaning options:

  • Water-Based Cleaning: Most everyday fabrics are cleaned by this process that provides the best results for heavily soiled furniture.
  • Dry Cleaning: Fine fabrics and occasional pieces are usually cleaned by this process. Water-sensitive fabrics (those with potential dye and shrinking issues) must be dry cleaned. We do this at no extra charge!
  • Foam Cleaning: This hybrid method can be used on leather and some fine fabrics.

To learn more about our metro Atlanta upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning specials, call our representatives at 770-326-6244 or by making your Atlanta Upholstery Cleaning appointment here.

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