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Carrollton Carpet Cleaning

Having Trouble Finding a Carrollton Carpet Cleaning Company To Transform Your Carpets?

The truth is...

  • Beautiful homes need beautiful carpets
  • Healthy homes need dirt and residue-free carpets
  • Busy homes with pets and children absolutely need professional carpet cleaning

Are your carpets dull and drab? Do your carpets have stains that you cannot make disappear? We understand how difficult it can be to keep carpets looking like they did when they were first installed.  Clean carpets not only look good, but they also smell clean, and the improved air quality will keep you healthy.

So who can you contact to get your carpets looking and smelling the best that they can?  Then for residents of Carollton, carpet cleaning services—and prices—have never been so good!

Houndstooth: Your Team For Carrollton Carpet Cleaning Services

Does your carpet crave a good, efficient cleaning?  Would a great price for that cleaning be important to you as well?  Then Houndstooth is the answer. We enjoy an A rating from the Better Business Bureau, and we thank our customers for helping us achieve that rating.  Since 1979 we have helped Carollton residents keep their carpets looking good as new as well as helping carpets have a longer life.

Houndstooth is a Carrollton carpet cleaning company that lives by its strong work ethic. Customer service and satisfaction are aims we hold dear. We love what we do, and cleaning your carpet is our priority.  We don’t just desire to help you only once, but we also would love to call you a repeat customer.  

Set up an appointment with us today. We would love nothing better than to help your carpets look their very best.

Call one of our friendly team members and Carrollton carpet cleaning professionals at 770-326-6244.  It is our pleasure to serve you today.

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