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Cobb Carpet Cleaning

Are You In The Market For A "Grade A" Cobb Carpet Cleaning Company?

Let’s be honest…carpets are a positive feature in any home for two reasons:

  • Carpets that look clean enhance the appearance of your home’s interior
  • Carpets that smell clean make your whole home inviting

Ask yourself an honest question: how do your carpets look? Has your family tracked in more mud and stains than you can keep up with? Have your pets used your carpets for reasons other than they’re supposed to? Do your carpets look older than they really are? Do they need a good “pick-me-up” that one more vacuuming job cannot offer?

When you need a company that can provide the best service for your needs, allow us to introduce you to the best Cobb carpet cleaning professionals around!  

Houndstooth: We Stand For Excellent Cobb Carpet Cleaning Services

Are you looking for exceptional carpet cleaning at an equally exceptional price? Houndstooth is absolutely the company for you. We have been serving the Cobb community since 1979, and your satisfaction is most important to us.  But what will we do for your carpet, you may ask? We will make your carpet look like it did when it was first installed, eliminate pet stains and odors and improve your home’s air quality for better health.

We welcome the opportunity to make you a “forever” Cobb carpet cleaning customer!  Please give one of our friendly representatives a call today at 770-326-6244 and set up an appointment with us. We offer residential coupons as well as accept all major credit cards for your convenience. Give us a try! We promise you will not be disappointed.

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