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Services Overview

  • Atlanta Carpet Cleaning
  • Carpet Repairs and Restretching for: 
    Carpet Ripples, Permanent Stains and Loose Seams
  • Drapery Cleaning for:
    In-Home Dry-Cleaning of All Decorator Styles
  • Duct Cleaning for:
    Allergy Relief, Cleaner Air, Lower Energy Costs and Dust Control
  • Pet Odor Removal for:
    Urine Odors, Pad Exchange and Subflooring Seals
  • Upholstery Cleaning for:
    Wet-Clean Fabrics, Dry-Clean-Only Fabrics and Haitian Cotton
  • Water Damage Restoration for:
    Rain and Storm Damage, Air Conditioner and Water Heater Flooding, Toilet Overflow and Mildew Prevention


Don't Be Fooled By Gimmick-Y Language from another Atlanta Carpet Cleaning Company

What is "Corrective Cleaning?” Steam Cleaning!

What is "Carpet Restoration?"
Steam Cleaning!

What is "Deep Cleaning?"
Steam Cleaning!

Charging extra to get these results is just bait-and-switch.  Don't fall for it!

Houndstooth does all of the above at no additional cost! To quote the IICRC manual: "High Performance Hot Water Extraction (Steam) is generally considered to be the ONLY system of corrective or restorative cleaning." When you call Houndstooth Atlanta carpet cleaning, you're calling for Atlanta carpet cleaning professionals, not salesmen.

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