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Atlanta Carpet Cleaning

Looking for Professional—And Reputable—Metro Atlanta Carpet Cleaning?

Keeping your carpets clean is a continuous challenge, especially in high traffic areas. In addition to regular vacuuming and spot treatment it’s important to get your carpets cleaned professionally as part of your overall maintenance routine.

Many homeowners assume that just because their carpet looks clean on the surface, it is clean. But hidden in the carpet fibers lay contaminants such as spills, pet dander, soils, pollutants and allergens. Flushing those impurities out of your carpet periodically will do wonders not only for your health, but also for the appearance of your carpet.

Professional cleaning will provide you and your family with many benefits:  

  • Removing germs, dust and soil that hide below the surface
  • Eliminating pet odors and urine stains 
  • Extending the life, appearance and quality of carpets 
  • Improving air quality 
  • Helping you adhere to carpet warranties
  • Keeping you from having to replace carpeting early

A professional cleaning will help your carpets look and feel great. By hiring the best professional Atlanta carpet cleaning company, you know the job will be done right—every time.

Houndstooth: Prompt and Professional Metro Atlanta Carpet Cleaning Services

A healthy home starts with clean carpets. If you’re looking for prompt, professional service, look no further than Houndstooth. For more than 30 years we have provided reliable carpet cleaning for homeowners throughout metro Atlanta.
You want your carpet to not only last, you want it to look its best. Houndstooth is here to help you accomplish that goal. In addition to carpet cleaning, we also provide upholstery cleaning and duct cleaning. We always stand by our low prices and satisfaction guarantee. Plus, we will never surprise you with a new price.

Check out our metro Atlanta carpet cleaning specials by calling our representatives today at 770-326-6244 or by making your Atlanta carpet cleaning appointment online.


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