Top Ten Reasons Mayberry Residents Would Use Houndstooth

(10). Broken glass debris from Ernest T. Bass' visit.

(9). Clara and Aunt Bea had a pickle throwing scuffle on the dining room carpet.

(8). Remember when Goober put that car together on the carpet in the sheriff's office?

(7). Otis lost his lunch when he got dizzy reaching for the key.

(6). Barney needs to get his place spruced up before his big bottle-of-pop, TV watching date with Thelma Lou.

(5). Opie's little bird had an accident on the carpet before he set it free.

(4). Briscoe Darling and his uncouth sons tracked in a mess of mountain mud.

(3). These rental machines from Emmett's Fix-It Shop just don't cut it.

(2). Frugal, practical minded Howard Sprague recommends us.

(1). They know we're as good and honest as their sheriff.

Ten More Reasons Why Mayberry Residents Would Use Houndstooth

(10). Before his carpet gets too soiled, Barney wants to "Nip it! Nip it! Nip it! the bud."

(9). That talking dog recommended us to Goober.

(8). Floyd's response to our cleaning, "Ooooooh, that's some DEEP cleaning."

(7). Andy and Opie went overboard intentially soiling the carpet, so that Aunt Bea would feel needed upon her return from vacation.

(6). Thelma Lou dumped a jar of Aunt Bea's pickles on Barney's head to prove that she wasn't wrapped arouond his little finger.

(5). Mr. McBeevee keeps tracking in tree bark from his daily walk in the trees.

(4). The "Fun Girls" had a little too much fun on "Bernie's" carpet.

(3). Gomer forgot to take off his hiking boots while on furlough.

(2). Ms. Mendelbright insists that Barney clean up the mess from the explosion of his illegal hot plate.

(1). The loaded goat unloaded on the carpet.

Top Ten Reasons Lost Characters Would Use Houndstooth

(10). Faraday is very pleased with the job we did next Tuesday.

(9). Hurley tracked pieces of Artz onto the carpet in his hut.

(8). Locke made quite a mess on some island carpets, when meaning to blow up the hatch, he blew up Richard Hatch instead.

(7). Sayid knows that unlike with some of our competitors, he won't need to resort to torture to keep us from bait and switching.

(6). Skipper and Gilligan got into a food fight over the age-old debate of Ginger vs. Mary Ann….. oops, wrong island.

(5). Correction: Kate and Juliette got into a food fight over Jack's hunkiness versus Sawyer's.

(4). Richard, having used us in 1979 for his 39th birthday party, wants to use us again today, for his 39th birthday party!

(3). Remember Juliette's last words, "It worked?" Turns out she was referring to our attempt at removing Smoke Monster residue from her carpets.

(2). Locke's reanimated body recommended us to dead Locke, who had recommended us to the LAX alternate reality Locke, who recommended us to 1954 island Locke.

(1). Like us, they know they should never trust their carpet and upholstery cleaning to "THE OTHERS."

Top Ten Reasons Looney Toons Characters Would Use Houndstooth

(10). After backfired attempts at using Acme Carpet Cleaning Inc to clean up his messes, Wile E. Coyote is ready for a change.

(9). Having finally captured Foghorn Leghorn, Henry Hawk needs someone to clean up the carnage.

(8). The odor from Pepe Le Pew's carpet is no longer distinguishable from his own.

(7). Yosemite Sam's dinner guest last night: the Tasmanian Devil.

(6). Although always empty-handed, Elmer Fudd tracks in plenty of mud from his "wabbit" hunting trips.

(5). That annoying Road Runner never remembers to wipe his feet.

(4). Porky (being a pig and all) has some serious carpet issues to deal with before Miss Petunia's visit.

(3). Daffy Duck has water damage after delivering a slobbering soliloquy at the dinner table.

(2). "I tawt I taw a puddy pile."

(1). "Suffering succotash, Tweety, how come no one ever litter-trained me?"

Top Ten Reasons The Flintstones Would Use Houndstooth

(10). That woolly mammoth-vacuum cleaner just isn't pulling its weight.

(9). Dino isn't house trained.

(8). Mr. Slate doesn't pay enough for Fred to afford our competitors.

(7). Cro-Magnon men are hard to please.

(6). Fred just got back from a long car trip, so his feet tracked in mud.

(5). Wilma checked us out with the BBBB (Bedrock Better Business Bureau).

(4). That unevolved primordial slime on the den carpet is tough to remove.

(3). Fred's pipes (frozen since the Ice age) have finally thawed, leaving a massive water damage.

(2). Fred hosted the Royal Water Buffalo Lodge meeting in his house and those neanderthals left quite a mess.

(1). The carpet is caked with yabbadaba-doo-doo.

Top 10 Reasons The Castaways Would Use Houndstooth Carpet Cleaning

(10). Not even Mr. Howell can afford our competitors.

( 9). The Professor's carpet cleaning invention was ruined when Gilligan used it to drain the lagoon.

( 8). Wrong Way Feldman tracked in propeller grease on his sixth visit to the island.

( 7). Those Soviet cosmonauts spilled borscht all over the hut carpets.

( 6). Ginger finds it impossible to seduce carpets into cleaning themselves.

( 5). They're trying to spruce the place up, since for the sixty-third time they believe a rescue is imminent.

( 4). Skipper & Gilligan got into a food fight over that age-old debate of Ginger vs. Mary Anne.

( 3). Those darn coconut tossing monkeys tossed a few into the huts.

( 2). Word of mouth from our half-million satisfied customers, all of whom visited the island at one time.

( 1). Skipper's reaction to Gilligan's attempt to clean the carpets himself: "Little buddy, you've done it again."

Top Ten Reasons The Cartwrights Would Have Used Houndstooth

10. Hoss tracked in horse droppings from the stable.

9. Hop Sing dropped a whole pan of flapjacks on the kitchen carpet.

8. It's hard to keep carpet clean with three grown men in their 30's living at home with their Paw.

7. Adam has taken to sleeping in the barn where it smells better.

6. Ben accumulated his vast wealth from this very kind of frugal business decision.

5. Ben checked up on us with Virginia City BBB.

4. That lynch mob tracked in mud when they came through looking for a falsely accused Little Joe.

3. Roy Coffee is about to levy a stiff fine on Ben for health code violations.

2. Three words: "Ponderosa Pine Tar."

1. "Dadburn it Paw, this place is a mess."

Top Ten Reasons Maxwell Smart Would Use Houndstooth

10. He has our number on his shoe's speed dial.

9. Agent 99 spilled agent orange all over the carpet.

8 . After having experienced the bait and switch tactics of our competitors, he finally decided to get smart.

7. The carpet in his living room looks like the aftermath of Armageddon.

6. Would you believe the aftermath of Woodstock?

5. How about the aftermath of a small neighborhood scuffle over zoning laws?

4. KAOS stole the #4 reason, so we'll never know. (Sorry about that, Chief.)

3. While tossing his used coffee grinds into the trash can, he "missed it by that much."

2. Hymie leaked oil from his kneecap onto the rugs.

1. (He revealed the number one reason on the Cone of Silence, so we'll never know.)

Top Ten Reasons The Cleavers Would Have Used Houndstooth

10. Wally and Beaver tracked in a mess after "messing around" at Metzger's Field.

9. Ward wants to give the Beave a lesson on "getting the most for your dollar."

8. Larry Mondello littered apple peelings on the living room carpet.

7. While doing houssework, June's high heels keep tripping over carpet debris.

6. Gilbert persuaded a reluctant Beaver to paint his bicycle on the bedroom carpet.

5. Uncle Billy's alligator left the tub and is not litter trained.

4. Eddie's response to the Cleaver carpet, in Wally's presence: "Heh, heh, Clyde, looks like Eisenhower dropped the big one in here."

3. Eddie's response, in June's presence: "Gee, Mrs Cleaver, those spots on the carpet go very well with that dress."

2. Wise old Gus the Fireman recommended us.

1. We'll leave their carpets as clean as their lifestyle.

Top Ten Reasons The Starship Enterprise Would Use Houndstooth

10. The rugs in the transporter room look worse than the one on the Captain's head.

9. Scotty made a mess fixing the warp-drive.

8. The trouble with tribbles is that they are not potty trained.

7. Spock has logically deduced that we are the best carpet cleaning company.

6. Chekov spilled borscht on the "bridge" carpet.

5. Dirt on the carpet is impossible to beam up.

4. The "kling-ons" on the carpet make those others look tame by comparison.

3. Spock finally showed emotion when he encountered the bait and switch tactics of our competitors.

2. We boldy clean where no carpet cleaners have cleaned before.

1. "Damn it, Jim," I'm a doctor, not a carpet cleaner."