10 Reasons Guys Named Bob Use Houndstooth Carpet Cleaning

(10). He needs someone to clean up after his "Guys Named Bob" get-together.

( 9). We have guys named Bob ourselves, so he can enjoy some "Bob" solidarity.

( 8). He is subliminally attracted by our excellent rating with the BBB, which is one letter short of his name "Bob."

( 7). He wants to take advantage of our 10% discount that we offer for guys named Bob.

( 6). Since we have over ½ million satisfied customers, he's reasonably sure at least 15,000 are probably named "Bob."

(5). He actually tried "Bob's Carpet Cleaning" in Atlanta, only to find them a bait & switch company actually run by a guy named "Herb."

( 4). We'll help him lose that nickname, "Bob the Slob."

( 3). He's determined to get his carpets spotless at a bargain price, or his name isn't "Bob."

( 2). Bob Barker knows that our "price is right."

( 1). Guys named "Ed" recommended us.