Top 10 Reasons Metro Atlanta Residents Use Houndstooth Carpet Cleaning

(10). Buckhead residents know that espresso coffee stains, unlike espresso itself, does not impress their friends.

(9). Doravillians have their own version of spaghetti junction (on their carpets).

(8). Stone Mountaineers know we won't take their business for granite.

(7). Grant Parkers don't want people wondering if Willi B left a parting gift on their rug.

(6). One more crack about their carpets smelling like the Horse Park and folks in Conyers will move into that monastery to enjoy the concrete floors.

(5). Our competition may ask, but we know "Whar's Loganville."

(4). Receiving enough excitement from Six Flags, Austellians know we won't take them for a ride.

(3). While the music plays, Sandy Springsters can add to the hubbub at Chastain Park by referring us to the other Springsters.

(2). Woodstocklanders are sick of cracks about how their carpet looks like the aftermath of the other Woodstock.

(1). Kennesaw residents look forward to greeting our vans with a 21 gun salute.