Top 10 Reasons Elvis Would Have Used Houndstooth Carpet Cleaning

(10). Someone must clean up those fried peanut butter and banana sandwich crumbs on the carpet.

( 9). His blue suede shoes tracked in a hunka hunka pile of mud.

( 8). He needs to clean up the debris from the TV he shot.

( 7). The bait and switch tactics of some of our competitors have him all shook up.

( 6). Some of that greasy kid's stuff spilled from his hair onto the carpet.

( 5). Colonel Parker dropped cigar ashes everywhere.

( 4). Our "Entire House, Regardless of Size" deal is too good to pass up for Graceland.

( 3). He realizes it's now or never.

( 2). He called the Better Business Bureau to check up on us to relieve his suspicious mind.

( 1). We ain't nothing' but a Houndstooth.

Top 10 Reasons The Beatles Would Use Houndstooth Carpet Cleaning

(10). When it comes to soiled carpet, the Beatles simply cannot Let it Be.

( 9). Paul wishes his dog would Do it in the Road, as opposed to on his carpet.

( 8). George feels that if something isn't done soon, he might see Little Piggies crawling in the dirt of the rugs in his flat.

( 7). John knows that we're the only ones who can remove the Goo Goo Ga Joob from his carpet.

( 6). Our competitor's answer to his complaint ("Don't Bother Me") didn't impress George too much.

( 5). John (who has taken to naming his carpet stains) wants someone to remove Mean Mr. Mustard.

( 4). John figures that if anyone can get out Walrus Gum Boot, we can.

( 3). There's Something on George's carpet.

( 2). After being asked where the clean carpet in his house is, John has to answer, "Nowhere, Man."

( 1). They know that regardless of the condition of their carpet, We Can Work it Out.

Top Ten Reasons Alfred Hitchcock Would Use Houndstooth

(10). Norman Bates missed a few blood stains in Room #1.

(9). Our Notorious competitors create a Frenzy with their bait and switch tactics.

(8). The Trouble with Harry is that his carpet is a mess.

(7). All 39 Steps are included in our "Entire House" special.

(6). You try putting six hundred Birds in one living room and see what happens.

(5). We'll go as far North by Northwest as Cartersville.

(4). Someone needs to clean up Arbogast's chalk outline at the foot of the stairs.

(3). Even The Man Who Knew Too Much wasn't aware of our "Special Scotchgard Package."

(2). We make the soiled areas of your carpet disappear quicker than The Lady Vanishes from the train.

(1). Without a Shadow of a Doubt, we are the number one carpet cleaning company in Atlanta.