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Looking to Hire Reliable And Exceptional Auburn Carpet Cleaning Professionals?

Keeping your carpet nice and clean is constant work. It can often seem never-ending at times!  You cannot keep dirt, pet dander, odors or food stains at bay permanently, even if you constantly vacuum and work on individual stains.

Clean carpets are necessary for many reasons:

  • Health:
    • helps improve air quality
  • Beauty:
    • helps a house look brand new
  • Housekeeping:
    • helps reduce the amount of dust and other contaminants from settling on your furniture

So who should you call to get your carpet looking and smelling its very best?  We can help you with that question!

Houndstooth:  Offering Exceptional Auburn Carpet Cleaning Services

Do you desire professional carpet cleaning services at a great price? Houndstooth is the Auburn carpet cleaning company for you!  What can our cleaning services do for your carpet?  We will eliminate pet odors and stains, improve your home’s air quality, and make your carpet look like you just bought it that day.  

Because we have been a part of your community for so many years, we believe in true customer service and satisfaction.  Cleaning your carpet is our number one priority, and we will treat your carpets and home with respect.  We just know that you will be completely happy with your carpet’s results.  

Call one of our representatives today at 770-326-6244 and set up an appointment.  It would be our pleasure to serve you and your carpet! Houndstooth also offers duct cleaning, emergency water damage, and upholstery cleaning to Auburn locals.

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