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How & Why of Atlanta Carpet Cleaning

Don’t know when to give your carpet a good cleaning? Atlanta carpet cleaning can help.

What’s really inside your carpet? The Atlanta carpet cleaning experts understand that your carpet gets the most daily use in your home and is one of the most key investments. Because the people you love may walk, lie, eat or sleep on your carpet, it is important to know what is living deep inside it and how we can help to get rid of the dirt and oils and ultimately leave you with a healthy, clean carpet.

Cleaning your carpet makes it last longer

Soil and dirt are constantly being deposited in your carpet, even though you may not be able to see it. You need to remove these oils and although vacuuming is good for short-term care, you need to have a professional deep clean of the deposited oils that are resting within your carpet. Wear in carpet comes from lack of not cleaning these soils out, so make your carpet last longer and hire an Atlanta carpet cleaning professional to eliminate this unnecessary grime.

Your carpet may not look dirty, but…

When you think about cleaning your carpet, it is probably because you see a patch of dirt, or something has spilled. In fact, when it looks dirty, the damage has already been done to the carpet and wear patterns have already started setting in. Your carpet has depth, so grime like soil and grit work their way down into the carpet. Even though you may not be able to see it, it’s still there! A deep carpet cleanse can do the trick.

Contact the Atlanta Carpet Cleaning Experts

A clean carpet stays brighter and fresher, longer. With over 30 years of experience, Houndstooth understands what it takes to give your carpet a deep clean to stay oil and dirt-free.  We provide professional Atlanta carpet cleaning services for a great price. 

If you want a deep-down carpet cleaning to help your carpet last longer, Houndstooth is the right choice for you. See what Atlanta carpet cleaning specials we have by calling us today at 770-326-6244 or by contacting us online to make a carpet cleaning appointment.

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